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"Recording great sound, whether music or voice, starts with capturing its pure essence. From there, with the latest in digital technology and two decades of experience, we can make the magic happen that will enhance it to its fullest potential."

- Dan Gnader
Owner, Founder
Capturing The Essence

Over the past two decades, eDream Studios has risen to become a premier full-service recording studio complex in Southeastern Wisconsin. Specializing in finer music tonality ranging from classical to jazz, eDream has a CD portfolio that defines its achievements and recording diversity.

Studio Capabilities

   4,000 square feet
   24 bit/192k Pro Tools recording and editing system
   Multiple recording, editing and mastering suites
   Iso Booths
   Large Live Recording Area
   Meticulously maintained 6' Grand Piano
Contact Us

8006 W. Appleton Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53218
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